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The value of concrete in the world today cannot be ignored, even in Covington. Most of the structures in this alluring town have used concrete as the primary construction material. To date, concrete remains to be the most used man-made construction material in the world.

Get quality concrete construction work and timely service from Big Easy Concrete, the best concrete contractors in Covington. Whether it is a driveway or a basement or a whole building that you need with concrete work, we are experts in the job.

We want our service to be done right for every concrete project that we are asked to accomplish in Covington. We do residential, commercial, and industrial concrete work under any circumstance and for all kinds of structural types.

Why We Are Concrete Contractors

max fixing a concrete surface - Big Easy Concrete CovingtonSince concrete is the most commonly used material for construction, the need for concrete contractors has increased. Each corner in the world is geared towards the development of which concrete structures play a crucial role.

The foundation of houses that we live in and buildings where people work are made of concrete. Hence, the need for extensive knowledge on the use of the material to ensure a strong foundation where lives are at stake.

We are concrete contractors in Covington who work well with quality in building these foundations. Apart from concrete foundations that we install in residences and commercial establishments, we are trained and experienced in handling concrete in its different stages starting from the unmixed combination to the hard-finished foundation or concrete structure that you need.

Here is why we are the best at what we do as Covington concrete contractors:

  • We create intricate plans and designs with our knowledge and experience in the industry
  • We help you with your customized concrete renovations and design features for your property
  • We use our skills, knowledge, techniques, and experiences to create the utmost possible result for each concrete project
  • We use special tools to finish our tasks efficiently
  • We deliver concrete projects with the highest quality, top structural standards, and highest customer satisfaction during the process of creating the project until after it is finished
  • We make sure that your satisfaction as our clients regarding the project is met throughout the process with our reliable, responsive, and effective service.

A Concrete Contractor’s Job Responsibilities

We are concrete contractors who make sure that every job that we do is done right. We do our best to maintain and upgrade the integrity of your structure through a successful concrete project. Whether it is new construction, a repair, a removal, or a replacement, we follow the following steps with strict safety guidelines in every phase:

  1. Identifying Details About Concrete Used

    Our first responsibility as Covington concrete contractors is to identify the shape, size, color, finish, and depth of the concrete that will be used for your project. These factors will help us identify their effect on the overall result of the project.

  2. Site Preparation

    We make sure that the ground for concrete construction is free from other elements like rocks, trees, garbage, and shrub before we begin any project. We remove all of these elements from the site.

    The next step in this phase is compacting, grading, and leveling the soil to make sure that the ground can carry the load requirements of the concrete structure that will be built. We consider this a very critical step because it determines how the ground can hold up the structure for years even under extreme weather conditions.

    We will not compromise the integrity of your building and the safety of those who will be occupying it by taking ground preparation seriously.

  3. Formwork

    Concrete is a very versatile construction material. It has the capability of taking shapes and designs in various forms. It is already possible to prefabricate concrete making the process of formwork less intensive, less expensive, and less wasteful. The prefabrication process involves:

    • Creating shapes and designs that you would prefer for your concrete project
    • Setting concrete shapes and forms using plastic, metal, or wood
      Using formwork to create the mold needed for placement of concrete
    • Keeping the concrete mixture in place while the mixture hardens
  4. Concrete Placement

    This phase is also called concrete pouring. The concrete is poured into the forms with utmost precision making sure all the edges and corners are properly filled with no air holes. We use special tools like rakes and shovels to move the concrete throughout the forms.

  5. Finishing

    We make sure that the poured concrete is consolidated well and compact. Our team uses a special tool for finishing that is pulled over the surface to create a rough texture on the surface.

    Here are some of the decorative concrete services that we offer in Covington:

    • Staining
    • Stamping
    • Overlays
    • Resurfacing
    • Polishing
    • Dyes
    • Colored concrete

Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family Concrete Construction Services

Our list of concrete services covers all construction types like homes, commercial buildings, and multi-family concrete constructions. We can be part of your development plan and concrete project success anywhere in Covington.

Our team of experts is loaded with extensive knowledge for even complicated commercial and industrial projects. We have competent estimators and project managers who will oversee the project from planning to after project completion.

Whether you need new construction, repair, or removal of your concrete home, commercial building, or multi-family residence, we provide only the best and high-quality service and materials.

We can discuss how we can help you with permits that will be needed for your concrete project. Our services will assure that we meet strict construction schedules and building specifications in Covington.

Our concrete projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Footings/Foundations
  • Slabs on Grade
  • Piers, frost slabs, and curbs
  • Site and building retaining walls
  • Multi-level buildings
  • Heavy-duty concrete paving
  • Parking lot
  • Sidewalks
  • Basements
  • Outdoor concrete (patios, driveways, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and counters, fireplace, pavers, walls)
  • Indoor concrete (floors, countertops, floor coatings, furniture, sink, fire bowls)
  • Decorative concrete

The Best Concrete Contractor in Covington

Even in this small, quaint town that is part of the greater New Orleans metropolitan area, known as the Covington area, you can enjoy a great food scene, quirky and unique shops, and rich culture. It’s definitely a beautiful town to visit where you can enjoy breweries, art galleries, museums, hiking trails, bike rentals, and so much more.

Covington also boasts of having the best concrete contractors in the town, Big Easy Concrete. If you are planning to build or repair a concrete structure anywhere in Covington area, we can make your project successful. We make sure that every concrete project is done right, on time, on budget, with the best quality, and your satisfaction in mind.

We are one of the reliable concrete contractors in Covington LA. Contact us now and get a free estimate.

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