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Save Your Money with Our Affordable Concrete Removal Services in New Orleans

Concrete projects produce driveways, patios, decks, steps, and many more. Concrete contractors build their projects to make the concrete last long and be durable over the years. The tear and wear it endures every day would eventually lead to its deterioration. There would be cracks, dents, and discoloration that would be far from saving. The time would come when you would need concrete demolition and removal services in New Orleans.

What is the Best Way to Clean Concrete?

Before you dive right into contacting concrete removal companies, evaluate the condition of your concrete. If the damage is because of discoloration, you can opt for cleaning the concrete first. This also depends on what kind of concrete you have.

New Orleans Concrete Removal: How Do You Break Concrete Slab By Hand?

If you plan to break concrete slabs by hand, be aware that it is not an easy task. If you are not sure that you can handle the work, it would be better to contact concrete removal contractors like Big Easy Concrete.

concrete slab removal - Big Easy ConcreteYou can gauge the situation of the concrete to help you decide if you should do the job or hire experts like us. If the concrete slab is less than four inches thick, then you can remove it yourself using the right tools and equipment. Once the concrete is more than four inches thick, you can consider contacting experts.

The kind of reinforcement used in the concrete needs to be checked as well. If the reinforcement can be cut by bolt cutters, you can also proceed to remove it on your own. Anything that would be thicker than a wire mesh would need an electric saw and once it is rebar, call demolition contractors for the work.

When it comes to utilities under the concrete, you can check first by calling 811 so they can locate the utility lines on your property. If you can remove the concrete without touching the lines, then you can also do the job yourself.

Once there are pipes under the area, you can work instead with professionals here at Big Easy Concrete. If you want quality concrete demolition and removal in New Orleans, Big Easy Concrete is here for you.

Starting on Removing Concrete Slab By Hand

According to The Spruce, breaking the concrete is the first step to completely removing it. You will need to dig under the slab so you can eliminate any support.

This makes the concrete more ready for breaking and cracking. You can either use a shovel or a pickaxe to dig under the concrete. The pickaxe would work best for cutting through rocks or shale and removing other materials under the concrete.

Using your concrete breaker of choice, you can begin striking the concrete. Start with an arching motion so you can strike the concrete as best as possible.

Strike where you have dug under the concrete and repeat the motion until the concrete breaks. Keep in mind that you do not have to apply too much force in pounding; you can let your hammer apply the force that is needed.

If some pieces do not fall out, you can use pry bars or crowbars. You can use these to pry off pieces that are stuck or to enlarge existing cracks so you would not need to keep pounding. Keep prying until you can use your hands to pull pieces away.

Keeping the debris in one place is important to work to do so you can easily haul them away. The removal process can be done by debris removal contractors that follow procedures on how and where to dispose of concrete debris.

Reminders When Breaking Concrete By Hand

Breaking concrete by hand is hard work that even concrete removal companies work carefully. Here are some important guidelines to follow during concrete demolition and removal.

  • Check how thick the concrete is before attempting to remove it. The thickness of the concrete would determine what tools and equipment would be used. Concrete that is more than 4 inches would require professional work. Driveways, walkways, or patios would typically have thick concrete that manual removal cannot handle.
  • Make sure that proper work gear is used while performing the job. Wear eye protection to prevent eye injuries. Wear gloves to limit hand injuries as well. Rubber boots are commonly used to help prevents slipping or tripping on the worksite.

New Orleans Concrete Demolition and Removal: What Is the Best Concrete Breaker?

Concrete demolition and removal is no easy task but using the right tools can help you finish the job right. The difference between a successful and a failed demolition is the tool that you use.

Sledgehammer and Pry Bar

The sledgehammer is the tool that you can think of first for concrete breaking and demolition. Sledgehammers are best for demolishing concrete slab that is less than four inches thick.

Pair it with a pry bar while working your way around with the sledgehammer. Another person should hold the pry bar to hold out corners of the concrete. The one holding the sledgehammer should begin slamming at the corner.


Concrete pavement Removal - Big Easy ConcreteAny concrete slab thicker than four inches would need a jackhammer. This can either be electric or pneumatic and can be bought, rented, or borrowed.

Demolition and removal contractors are sure to be equipped with jackhammers and can handle thick concrete. The mechanism of jackhammers works by breaking the concrete through the chisel. It moves in a fast and high-powered manner.

Chipping Hammer

In the event that your concrete is not a regular flat slab, you would need a chipping hammer. This is also a great alternative rather than a sledgehammer or jackhammer if you want better control. They work best for tricky spaces like corners or near structures like windows or doors.

Demolition and removal of concrete are more than breaking down or tearing apart concrete. It is a careful process that needs service professionals’ careful work. Here at Big Easy Concrete, we understand this need and we are here to serve in New Orleans. Contact us today for more information on how we can better assist your demolition and removal needs.

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