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Trusted Commercial Foundation Contractors in New Orleans

Contraction of Commercial Foundation - Big Easy ConcreteThere are plenty of things to do in New Orleans aside from the non-stop party atmosphere of New Orleans—educational museums, stunning lakes, breweries, beautiful gardens, art galleries, historic buildings, and so much more.

In a state where loving life is their way of life, you can get the best quality commercial concrete foundation services from trusted and experienced commercial foundation contractors.

Our professionals at Big Easy Concrete are well-equipped to do small and large commercial foundation jobs all over New Orleans, having completed several concrete commercial foundations over the years.

Commercial Foundation Types from Big Easy Concrete

Here are some concrete services we offer:


We offer pile installations for commercial foundations in order to support a deep foundation for your commercial building.

Depending on the needs of your structure and the structural load of your building, we can use single piles or multiple piles.

Our piles are mostly concrete, but you can also choose steel or wood based on your overall structural design.

They can receive columns or grade beams for a more structurally-sound commercial foundation.

Continuous or Spot Footing

These structures generally carry columns and/or grade beams of your commercial building.

We can apply wide footing for a better distribution of structural load into the soil surrounding your building’s foundation.

This type of commonly-used commercial foundation is also called a shallow foundation.


Mat commercial foundations are installed by our commercial foundation contractors for commercial buildings that require heavy load foundation types.

They are generally thicker and more reinforced to support a heavier load with soil-rock support that maintains the same thickness all the way through.

Depending on your construction conditions and specifications, we can install this type of commercial foundation in a shallow or deep manner.

Monolithic Slab with Grade Beams

If your commercial structure is small and only requires a light load, we can install this type of commercial foundation for you.

It’s another type of shallow commercial foundation that utilizes grade beams, perimeter forms, reinforcements, and castings.

The grade beams and floor slabs generally come together in one pour. This foundation type’s design is used to support walls that are carrying a uniform load.

Spread Footings

For commercial structures that need extreme support, we install spread footing made of rebar and concrete. It is a type of commercial foundation with a wider bottom.

This design allows your structure’s weight to cover a large area. Hence, you can experience a lower risk of foundation failure, sinking, frost heaving, and other settlement issues.

Commercial Foundation Design

Construction of Commercial Foundation - Big Easy Concrete We are a full-service commercial foundation design company in New Orleans committed to handling your commercial foundation and flatwork requirements.

Our experience as commercial foundation contractors in project management and design is one thing you can trust for your next commercial foundation project.

We do work professionally and efficiently providing the following for all commercial foundation design projects wherever you are in New Orleans:

  • Industrial floors
  • Piers
  • Large Concrete Bases
  • Simple to Complex Foundation Pours

Our team of experts consistently provides high-quality results and premium service for all of our commercial foundation design projects that are either big or small like new commercial construction foundations, industrial foundations, shopping center foundations, and a variety of commercial foundation types.

Our commercial concrete construction design includes:

Commercial Footings and Walls

We are well-equipped to do small and large commercial foundation jobs with building footings, building reinforced walls poured in place, retaining walls and footings, tall walls, difficult walls, and aluminum or wood-formed walls.

Commercial Waterproofing and Drain Tile

Our experience in applying multifaceted waterproofing systems for many commercial foundation applications will assure that your commercial structure will have the following features:

  • Moisture protection
  • Drainage enhancement
  • Insulation value
  • Long-term warranty protection

Commercial Slabs

These are known as thickened edge designs that we typically install for smaller steel buildings and are economical for buildings that are in areas with lower frost levels.

We can apply floating slabs for your commercial foundation with one continuous grade that features reinforcement at the bottom or spreads under the steel columns of your commercial structure.

Choosing the Right Type of Commercial Foundation

Commercial Foundation Service by Big Easy ConcreteThe foundation of your commercial structure in New Orleans is literally the main support of your building.

Thus, it is crucial to consider the right foundation that can resist loads of your building as well as the loads from the climate.

This will ensure the durability of your commercial building, literally how it can stand stronger for longer.

Our engineers strictly adhere to building requirements and guidelines necessary for the loading and anchor bolts of the structure of your commercial foundation to make sure that your foundation is sufficient to support your building.

We will help you choose the right type of commercial foundation for your building.

We fully understand how vital a strong and well-built foundation is to your commercial structure.

We will together with you so that you will feel confident in moving forward with the right type of commercial foundation that is 100% ready for your building construction.

Answering All Your Commercial Foundation Needs

As New Orleans remains to be a family-friendly destination with historic antebellum plantations that can be found throughout the state, as well as its numerous museums that explore the complex and sometimes painful past, Big Easy Concrete takes its place in being part of all of New Orleans pride.

We work closely with the best suppliers of the highest quality products and materials for any commercial foundation project in New Orleans.

As trusted commercial foundation contractors, we happily quote your business project and execute all construction activities with the highest safety standards.

We will carefully assess your commercial building plans, business goals, and budget to help you create a smart and workable plan for a successful commercial foundation completion.

To know more about our services, give us a call at (504)-384-8001!

What Our Clients Say

“Most professional concrete work I have ever experienced. The contractors were honest and timely with clean up. The job was performed efficiently and as contracted. I would highly recommend this company!”

– Katie Dyer

“Big Easy Concrete did an amazing job! I needed repairs and concrete work done on my new driveway, and they were on time. Reasonable price and everything looks great. Will definitely recommend this company to my neighbors and friends.”

– Darnell Mason

“For any concrete and construction needs, don’t hesitate to call Big Easy Concrete. I had them for a concrete concrete service for our garage, and I am pleased with the result. Their team is reliable, organized and very pleasant to deal with. Thanks for the great job!”

– Antonio Anderson