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Residential Foundation Contractors in New Orleans – Quality Service Done by Professionals

A house is one of the biggest investments and assets. Therefore, its foundation should be ensured to be strong and long-lasting.

Big Easy Concrete’s residential foundation contractors provide only quality foundation installation for homeowners all throughout New Orleans.

We understand that your house is not just your roof over your head but your home.

You can trust our expertise in building a residential property foundation that will last for decades.

When foundation issues arise, we recognize the importance of finding residential foundation contractors you can trust.

With well over several decades of combined experience, our experts are ready to build a strong foundation for your home and help with any foundation repair needs in New Orleans.

We do not sacrifice the quality of the residential foundation services we offer by overusing materials of lesser quality and cheap labor.

Our highly trained and certified team of experts uses only the best and most proven product materials and equipment.

Why Choose Big Easy Concrete for Your Foundation Installation?

Residential foundation installation - Big Easy ConcreteNew Orleans is more than just New Orleans because you can enjoy all sorts of nature pleasures like fishing, boating, canoeing, or kayaking one of the many waterways or along the Gulf of Mexico.

Just like the French Quarter, a neighborhood that is considered the melting pot of different influences such as European, Caribbean, African, and American, you can experience a lot of benefits from our residential foundation services.

Our complete foundation package includes:

  • Excavation and/or Demolition
    Big Easy Concrete offers a full-service excavation and demolition team with all equipment needed by the hour or by contract. We work to fully minimize excavation callback and headaches that can become costly and time-consuming.

Work with us because we do the job the right way on the first time so that there will be fewer conflicts, fewer extras, fewer trades, and no need to babysit to get the job done.

  • Footings and Walls
    We install concrete footings and walls to meet many of your residential foundation needs.
    Our objectives for footing design include:

    • Providing a level surface for the construction of your foundation wall
    • Providing adequate transfer and distribution of residential building loads to the underlying soil  
    • Providing adequate strength, in addition to the foundation wall, to prevent differential settlement of the building in weak or uncertain soil conditions
    • Placing the building foundation at a sufficient depth to avoid frost heave or thaw weakening in frost-susceptible solid and to avoid organic surface soil layers
    • Providing adequate anchorage to resist potential uplift and overturning forces resulting from high winds and seismic events

    We install foundation walls that serve the following purposes for your residential foundation:

    • Transfer a load of your residential building to the footing or directly to the earth
    • Provide adequate strength together with the footing
    • Provide adequate resistance to shear and bending stresses resulting from lateral soil pressure
    • Provide anchorage for the above-grade structure to resist wind or seismic forces
    • Provide a moisture-resistant barrier to below ground habitable space in accordance with the building code
    • Isolate non-moisture-resistant building materials from the ground
    • We can install concrete pillars for the foundation.
  • Waterproofing and Drain Tile
    As expert residential foundation contractors, our team of factory-trained waterproofing mechanics only install multifaceted waterproofing systems that feature moisture protection, drainage enhancement, insulation value, and long-term warranty protection.

We are committed to providing complete waterproofing services for New Orleans homeowners to enhance the overall integrity of their residential foundations.

  • Slabs
    Our crew is dedicated to flatwork, and they are equipped with a magic screed for better consolidation and a more level residential foundation floor for your New Orleans home. We do the slab-on-grade foundation that prevents moisture in the soil from wicking through the slabs of your foundation.

We place construction joints in residential foundation slabs at regular intervals or at strategic locations hidden under partitions or under certain floor finishes preventing and controlling cracking.

We strictly follow the specific method and design of plain and reinforced concrete slabs on grade in accordance with the applied loads for residential foundations. We also apply suggested reinforcement for crack control, shrinkage, and temperature effects.

Why Choose Big Easy Concrete as Your Residential Foundation Services?

In New Orleans where the grandest parade called the Mardi Gras can entertain you in the most fun way possible, you can also get a chance to experience the best residential foundation repair services from Big Easy Concrete.

We use our proven methods in repairing whatever residential foundation problems you may encounter like:

residential foundation repair - Big Easy Concrete

  • Cracked brickwork or caulking
  • A chimney that is pulling away from the house
  • Concrete next to the foundation has sunk
  • Basement walls are leaning or bowed
  • The basement floor is cracked or uneven
  • Doors and windows don’t function properly
  • Walls or ceilings are cracking
  • Floors are uneven or slanting
  • Gaps under baseboards
  • Foundation wall cracks are offset

For many homeowners in New Orleans, a small crack in a residential foundation can turn into major damage almost overnight.

We help prevent major foundation damages so if you suspect a problem with your residential foundation, we are experts in foundation repair techniques and in foundation restoration.

Why Choose Us?

Above all the expertise and skill of our trained and certified crew. You can trust Big Easy Concrete residential foundation contractors because of quality performance on:

residential concrete foundation - Big Easy Concrete

  • Complete foundation services
  • Efficiency in production
  • Supervision
  • Use of superior materials
  • Workmanship
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Customer response
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Customer satisfaction

We Take the Integrity of Your Residential Foundation Seriously

If you want to experience the Mardi Gras from a whole new perspective while you are able to discover how meticulously each aspect of the festival is prepared for the big celebration, come to New Orleans!

We offer repair and installation with an exclusive warranty that covers material, workmanship, and design.

We are trusted residential foundation contractors in New Orleans focused and committed to providing solutions in a professional, timely, and competitively priced manner.

We help install and diagnose residential foundations to keep your home dry and structurally sound for decades to come. Contact us today for your free estimate!

What Our Clients Say

“Most professional concrete work I have ever experienced. The contractors were honest and timely with clean up. The job was performed efficiently and as contracted. I would highly recommend this company!”

– Katie Dyer

“Big Easy Concrete did an amazing job! I needed repairs and concrete work done on my new driveway, and they were on time. Reasonable price and everything looks great. Will definitely recommend this company to my neighbors and friends.”

– Darnell Mason

“For any concrete and construction needs, don’t hesitate to call Big Easy Concrete. I had them for a concrete concrete service for our garage, and I am pleased with the result. Their team is reliable, organized and very pleasant to deal with. Thanks for the great job!”

– Antonio Anderson