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A construction project would not be complete without concrete. It is a widely used product that has been around for centuries. Many concrete sales in New Orleans are used for home foundations, roadways, highways, dams, buildings, and bridges.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Buy Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete - Big Easy ConcreteUsing concrete is a much better option for many residential works. It can include building or repairing walkways, driveways, or foundations. Concrete is also used for many large scale infrastructure and industrial works like highways or bridges.

But obtaining concrete for projects involves a lot of processes than one can think. According to Home Guide, concrete can cost around 108 dollars per cubic yard.

If you add concrete delivery and pouring then you would pay around 199 to 147 dollars per cubic yard depending on cement PSI. A 20 by 24 driveway would need a 10-yard truck full of concrete which will cost around 1169 to 1444 dollars. There is cost, preparation, and installation. These can be expensive if not monitored and controlled. In what ways can you buy concrete that will be the cheapest?

Take Care of the Prep Work

Preparation is very important so you can lay your concrete on the site. One way you can do the preparation of the concrete is by using the right tools. Use equipment and tools to fix excavation, laying down frames, and grading the area. Spreading the concrete and taking care of its texture is another work you can do on your own. Buying the correct products and equipment can help you save money.

Mixing Concrete: Do It Yourself

Buying concrete and then taking care of the mixing can also help you pay cheaper. According to Hunker, make sure to get the mixing correct by setting the water and concrete ratio right. Mixing is also crucial to get the consistency perfect for pouring. If you fail at mixing, you can find cracks or crumbles in your structure after a couple of years.

Order in Bulk

You can consider ordering in bulk if you find a concrete supplier that offers discounts for buying bulk. Arrange for bulk orders with other people also needing concrete products or equipment.

New Orleans Concrete Sales and Services

The success of your projects lies a lot in what products, tools, materials, and equipment you use. Here in Big Easy Concrete, we can provide you with quality concrete sales within the New Orleans area. Having these things can make or break your construction projects.

New Orleans Concrete Products for Sale

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Ready-mix concrete is a go-to for many projects, both residential and industrial.

As a New Orleans concrete product supplier, we know that ready-mix concrete is one of the top choices. Ready-mix concrete lessens the work because it arrives prepared ahead of time.

This ensures you that each batch of ready-mix concrete you get is consistent in quality and amount. This will also lessen the time needed for preparing concrete which will decrease labor.

You might be wondering if anyone would want concrete that has color aside from gray. Colored concrete is an option that is beneficial for areas with high traffic. Colored concrete would help mask stains caused by foot traffic. It also adds durability to places like floors, patios, decks, and countertops, and walls.

When it comes to your driveway, durability and longevity are key factors to consider. Concrete pavers are a great option for your driveway as well because of their durability and longevity.

New Orleans Concrete Equipment for Sale

Concrete work is not complete without the proper equipment.

Here are some important ones you should have:

  • Screeds – These are tubes or boards that are straight, long, and stiff. Screeds are used to smooth out and level wet concrete after pouring. There are different sizes of screeds that can be used depending on the project.
  • Wheelbarrows – Moving certain amounts of concrete or tools would need wheelbarrows. It can also be used for certain mixing samples for testing and assessments. Wheelbarrows should be heavy-duty for working sites.
  • Portable Mixer – A mixer would help projects for mixing different amounts of concrete. If a batch you need is too small for orders of ready mix concrete, a portable mixer would help in mixing and pouring. There are different sizes of portable mixers that can be transported. You can also find electric and gas powered portable mixers.
  • Shovels – These are important if you would be handling separate small amounts around the site. Pouring and filling depressions or voids would need shovels especially hard to reach areas. Removing excess concrete is another use for shovels. Concrete work would warrant the shovels with the square end rather than the ones with round ends.
  • Laser level – Concrete work would need a laser level for leveling forms and taking care of elevation. It is the standard and widely preferred tool for this purpose. You can also use a laser level for checking the heights of pieces like bolts and anchors. A laser level works better than a string line because it would not get in the way as you measure the height and still be able to get an accurate measurement.
  • Floats – These are important for leveling the surface of the concrete. A metal or wooden surface is used to raise the concrete surface to reach a smoother finish.
  • Trowel Blade – A trowel blade is a concrete finishing tool used in plastering. It can be made from steel, wood, or steel and can be found in various sizes depending on the project. This helps create a hard polished finish in the concrete without risking marks on the concrete.
  • Saws – There are different saws that are used in concrete work sites like concrete saws, portable woodworking saws, and chop saws.

There is so much that Big Easy Concrete can offer you today. If you would need quality concrete products, tools, materials, and equipment in New Orleans, you can rely on our services. Whether you are taking care of your own concrete work or hiring a contractor, we have supplies ready.

It is our absolute commitment to being on schedule while providing you what you need. As fellow New Orleans residents, we want to assist you all the way. Contact us today for our concrete sales and information.

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