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High-Quality Concrete Pouring Services in New Orleans

Even when every concrete placement differs for every customer depending on their needs and location, we are a committed concrete pouring contractor in New Orleans who can handle every concrete installation wherever you are in this culturally-rich state.

As there is no other state that has a more varied or colorful past than New Orleans, you find no better concrete pouring contractor that offers concrete pouring services to the specifics. We offer a no-obligation consultation to assess your property and discuss with you your construction goals so we can work together on a concrete pouring plan.

What Pouring Concrete Means

Knowing how to pour concrete properly can help you save dollars. For minor projects around the house, you don’t need special tools, just a little muscle power to mix the concrete. However, for bigger projects, there are several other factors that need to be considered such as:

  • Proper proportioning
  • Proper mixing
  • Proper Placing
  • Proper curing

All of these factors when considered during the planning stage can produce high-quality concrete pour with quality material performance and structural integrity.

We provide comprehensive concrete services, including site-poured concrete, for small and big pouring projects around New Orleans. This means, we pour, mold, and cure mixed concrete onsite wherever the project is located. Site-poured concrete, also known as in-situ concrete or cast-in-place concrete, is one of our specialties.

Concrete Mixing Methods and Pouring Techniques

man mixing concrete with concrete mixer - Big Easy ConcreteThe proper mixing methods and pouring techniques impact the quality of the structure. Hence, our reputation as concrete pouring contractors in New Orleans leans on producing the highest quality material and final product from only the best mixing and pouring techniques that we use.

  • Concrete Mixing Methods

    We give utmost care and effort in combining all the ingredients of a concrete pour to create a well-mixed and homogeneous mixture. Depending on the scale of the project, here are the methods we use for mixing concrete:

    • Hand Mixing. Our crew uses this technique for small home improvement projects and they are skilled with achieving the quality and consistency of poured concrete that is usually difficult to achieve.
    • Machine Mixing. For larger concrete procuring projects, we use a machine or a stationary mixer. This is a proven and efficient way to obtain a homogeneous concrete mix. We both have a small portable drum mixer and a large stationary mixer for this technique.
    • Ready Mix. If there is limited onsite space for concrete mixing, we prepare a ready-mix concrete product that is freshly mixed at our concrete plant and delivered to the concrete pouring site.
  • Concrete Pouring Methods

    When you go around New Orleans, its awesome cities give you famous sights—Avery Island, known as the birthplace of Tabasco sauce, enjoying Reveillon, the biggest Christmas tradition in New Orleans, the adventure of a swamp tour in Lafayette, and so much more to discover and enjoy.

    We offer the same variety of methods in concrete pouring that could cater to any concrete pouring project wherever you are in New Orleans. These are:

    • Hand and Wheelbarrows or Power Buggy. This is the most manual method that can be used for small concrete pouring projects and when we use chutes for concrete delivery.
    • Truck discharging. As front discharge mixers are becoming more commonplace, this is an efficient technique we also use in concrete pouring.
    • Pumping. This is the ideal method we use for high-volume applications on large concrete pouring projects, especially if access and space are not considered constraints.

The Concrete Pouring Process from Prep Work to Curing

concrete pouring machine - Big Easy ConcreteWe recognize the need for adjusting concrete pouring depending on the size, shape, color, finish, and complexity of your project. To ensure that you get the best quality output from poured concrete, here are the steps that we take as concrete pouring contractors in New Orleans from prep work to curing:

  1. Site Work

    We prepare the project site to reduce heaving from expansive soils and frost. For small projects, our crew uses hand tools to clear the area from all elements to expose bare earth.

    We use earth moving equipment to speed up the process for large concrete pouring projects. The last step for this phase is placing and compacting a sub-base of fill gravel if the soil is not compact and stable.

  2. Set Forming

    The common materials we use for setting up a form before pouring concrete are metal and wood stakes. They are attached together with screws and special nails for easy removal. We make sure that all forms are in good shape and form clean corners.

  3. Concrete Mixing

    If premixed concrete is not being used, we do onsite mixing with a concrete mixer. We can also deliver mixed concrete in a ready-mix truck.

  4. Concrete Placement

    The mixed concrete is poured into the forms until they are full to the top edge. Our crew uses shovels, rakes, and special concrete rakes to move the concrete and make sure that there are no air pockets.

For concrete pouring in columns, walls, slabs, inclined slabs, and curved members, we use suitable techniques as concrete pouring contractors according to the ACI (Association of Construction Inspectors) code recommendation for the concrete pouring of different reinforced concrete elements.

Our crew follows the recommendation correctly and strictly to avoid the occurrence of segregation and honeycomb.

  1. Concrete Finishing

    Our team is committed to creating a smooth and durable surface for all concrete pouring projects. We pay close attention to timing, the condition of the concrete, and the use of proper tools to avoid weak, damaged, or unattractive slabs. We implore all of these steps in the finishing phase of the concrete pouring process:

    • Spreading the concrete
    • Screeding the concrete
    • Floating the surface
    • Edging the slab
    • Grooving in joints
    • Troweling the surface
  2. Curing

    We take curing seriously and patiently because the curing of poured concrete for a longer duration increases the strength and durability of concrete structural members.

In this phase, we make sure that the moisture and temperature conditions of the poured concrete are maintained so that the concrete develops hardened properties over time.

Big Easy Concrete: Your Trusted Concrete Pouring Contractor in New Orleans

Concrete remains the most popular choice for many construction needs in New Orleans. When you make the choice to go concrete for your construction needs, Big Easy Concrete can be your helping hand in making sure your concrete construction project will be a success.

They are concrete pouring contractors in New Orleans that have extensive experience in various concrete pouring projects. We guarantee dedication, workmanship, quality, and professionalism. Contact us now and get your concrete pouring ready!

What Our Clients Say

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– Katie Dyer

“Big Easy Concrete did an amazing job! I needed repairs and concrete work done on my new driveway, and they were on time. Reasonable price and everything looks great. Will definitely recommend this company to my neighbors and friends.”

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