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What is the Purpose of a Residential Foundation?

Are you looking for a concrete foundation for your home? Do you want to ensure the strength and longevity of your construction project?  A residential foundation is the structural base of a home that supports the entire structure. It is typically made of concrete, brick, or stone and is designed to transfer the weight of the building and its contents to the ground below.

At Big Easy Concrete, we are proud to offer residential foundations that meet all current building codes. We have the experience and expertise to provide both poured and block-form foundations, as well as precast basements. Our experienced team of technicians is the answer to any residential foundation request.

We understand that a strong and reliable proper foundation is essential not just to your structure’s overall safety but also to its beauty. So, if you’re searching for a company that caters to residential foundation projects, count on us at Big Easy Concrete! Learn more about our options here as well as how we can help with your next home improvement project.

What is a Foundation in Construction?

concrete foundation for a new house

A foundation in construction is the structural support system for a building, typically consisting of a concrete slab or footings. It uses either deep foundations which bear loads through the soil to the bedrock below them or shallow foundations which are built on level ground and bear the load on soils close to the surface. The purpose of a foundation is to provide stability, even distribution of weight, and resistance to movement.

What is the Purpose of a Foundation for a House?

The purpose of a foundation for a house is to provide support and stability for the structure. It can also protect the building from moisture and keep it from shifting due to changes in temperature and ground movements. Furthermore, foundations are critical when it comes to maintaining energy efficiency in your home.

We build foundations for houses to:

  • Create a level surface on which to build.
  • Provide stability and strength to the structure.
  • Seal out water and any pests or vermin.
  • Insulate against heat loss, cold, noise, and vibration.

Residential foundations are necessary to bear the weight of a house and transfer it safely to the ground beneath. Foundations also insulate the building from moisture, radon, and pests. Proper drainage systems help to keep the home dry and protect it from potential damage caused by rain or flooding.

With our team, you are assured of the following benefits of our top-quality residential foundation projects:

1.  Supports Your Home

modern concrete house

Your home’s foundation is one of its most important components — after all, if there’s no strong, secure base for your house, the rest of it isn’t going to look or function properly. A good residential foundation supports the entire structure of your home and makes sure that it has good stability when faced with environmental and weather challenges.

2.  Resists Movement

A residential foundation is an important element of our homes, and its purpose is to provide a stable support structure for the house and keep it from shifting as the surrounding ground moves.

It essentially transfers the load of the house onto a portion of the surface that is better able to handle movements and resist erosion from various agents such as water, wind and temperature.

To ensure our homes are safe and secure, we need to understand how a residential foundation works and why it’s important for providing stability.

We ensure that your residential foundation will help your home resist movement by:

  • Selecting the appropriate foundation design
  • Locating quality building materials
  • Installing drainage systems adequately
  • Using proper backfill material
  • Adopting water protection measures

3.  Insulates Your Home

Having a properly insulated home is essential for energy efficiency and comfort. One of the most important steps in achieving this insulation is to make sure your foundation is well-insulated. Installing residential foundation insulation can help prevent heat loss from your home, which translates into more money saved on heating bills over time.

4.  Keeps Moisture Out

A properly installed house foundation keeps moisture out of your home by providing an impermeable barrier to the ground. At Big Easy concrete, we make sure that the foundation is sloped away from the house to move water away from it. To move water away from the walls, we install drainage.  We also seal any cracks and sealants in your foundation to help prevent moisture buildup in your home.

5.  Prevents Insect Infiltration

We properly design and install house foundations to help keep insects outside by creating a barrier between the inside and outside of the home. This includes sealing any cracks or crevices in the foundation, using an appropriate drainage system, filling any gaps between siding boards with caulking, and replacing weather stripping around windows and doors periodically. We also provide house foundation maintenance to help prevent insect infestations in the home.

Why Do House Foundations Fail?

crack foundation wall

House foundations fail because of a number of factors, such as poor soil conditions, ground movement, water infiltration, or inadequate construction. Poor soil conditions are often the cause of foundation failure. Expansive soils that absorb a lot of water can cause the soil to swell and push on your foundation, leading to cracks and other damage.

Ground movement can also cause foundation failure, as the soil shifts due to seismic activity or changes in the water table. Water infiltration can lead to erosion of the foundation and weaken it over time. Finally, inadequate construction can lead to a weak foundation that is unable to support the weight of your home.

Big Easy Concrete: Your Trusted House Foundation Expert

A residential foundation is an essential part of any home construction project. It provides the necessary support and stability for the structure, seals out water and pests, and insulates against heat loss, cold, noise, and vibration.

With Big Easy Concrete you can be sure that your residential foundation will meet all current building codes and provide a strong and reliable foundation for your home.  We ensure that your house foundation is properly installed and maintained.  Call us today, so we can start on your project!

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